Motorized Power Ventilators

These are ventilators which are electrically powered by motors. Typical Application areas are where continuous exhaust of very high volume of air is required at specific interval for specific durations. E.g. Casting / Melting Foundry, Chemical Plants, Steam Plants etc. The efficiency of Conventional Ventilators is dependent on wind velocity. The wind velocity may not be adequate at times when maximum exhaust is required. The Motorized Ventilators provide an option for exhaust of polluted air during such specific events. When used along with conventional ventilators they can provide very efficient exhaust with minimal power consumption. The efficiency of Conventional Motor driven exhaust is compromised when installed on walls mostly nearby windows and doors. Most of the air being exhausted is sucked from windows or doors nearby instead of the apex of the premises where maximum hot air accumulates. Installation of Motorized Ventilators on the apex is the best location for providing maximum exhaust of hot air / smoke / gases.